We offer tailored services specific to every element of AML Policies and Procedures. Through a combination of web-based and personal training, we give dedicated training and know-how to your company’s senior management and staff.

Knowledge Transfer

Our training webinars are presented by our experts to teach and train you completely. These training webinars are presented throughout the year and copies of the presentation can be provided to use as a source of reference to refresh your knowhow as and when you need to.

We provide In-house training for senior management and staff where our MLROs will guide them in the nuances of AML Risk identification as well as interactively bring them up to full compliance.

We hold events for our clients where they can be kept abreast of all developments on the legal, regulatory and practical aspects of AML.

The webinars we offer will cover the following areas of specialisation:

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Know Your Customer

Ultimately it is the company’s responsibility to know and protect itself. Understanding your customer obligations is indispensable for a company looking to shore itself up against any loopholes that may be exploited. These webinars will train you in understanding how to meet your legal and regulatory obligations towards your customers without exposing yourself to misuse by ill intent.

Senior Management Obligations Training Webinar

The senior management of the company is primarily responsible in ensuring corporate compliance with AML Regulation. It is the job of the senior staff and management to drive the compliance process and to ensure that they meet all legal obligations and consistently follow protocol to keep the company safe. The webinar will help you identify the manner in which this is to be executed.

Anti-Money Laundering Policies & Procedures Obligations Training Webinar

There are certain policies that the company must adhere to and procedures that they must implement and keep updated at regular intervals. Money Launderers keep refining their modes of operation and only strict and disciplined adherence to policies and procedures can prevent them from breaking through.

Risk-Based Approach Obligations Training Webinar

AML Risk identification is not an obvious or intuitive process necessarily. There are red-flags that we will help train you to identify, understand and mitigate against to ensure your company is not being misused

Suspicious Activity Reporting Obligations Training Webinar

There were over 350,000 suspicious activity reports filed between 2014–2015. Nevertheless, the need for proper reporting of suspicious activity is imperative for a company and its staff. We provide the training that helps combine risk identification and reporting correctly.

  • Sanctions Obligations Training Webinars
  • KYC Risk Based Approach Training Webinar
  • Annual Money laundering Reporting Officers Training Webinar
  • Record Retention Obligations training Webinar
  • Ongoing Monitoring Training Webinar Webinar
  • Firms must ensure records are securely stored and can be easily retrieved when required.